(@bartwerf) is the lead developer, in charge of the coding and general awesomeness behind Staxel. He streams often so feel free to pop by and ask some questions! Yep, he used to work on Starbound.

(@SteampunkStein) is the lead artist. He has worked hard to produce all the in game models, and make the game as visually appealing as possible.

(@MoocowTG) A faceless entity between realms; only exists when you’re not looking. In it’s spare time, programs.

(@Terrorcell) is another programmer. Likes include: Long programming sessions on the beach and programming.

(@TeaGadd) is assistant producer, involved with the game design and generally has a finger in every pie.

(@RazzleberryFox) Is a 3D artist working closely with Steampunkstein to bring you guys cute furniture sets and anything else she can come up with.

(@MoombaDS) He is a programmer who writes music and fiction in his spare time. His cat writes approximately half of his code

Curtis Schweitzer
(@cschweitzer) He is a talented musician who has been creating lush soundtracks to help immerse you into the Staxel universe.

(@pocket_badger) is Staxel's sound designer. He's oblivious to the luxury of listening to music while he works.